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We TRAVEL not to escape life but for LIFE not to escape us” – Anonymous.

Namaste! Xin Chao! Swasdee! Hello! We are Beena and Tanuj and are affectionately known by our nickname Beets (Get it? BEEna + Tanuj). After working for the last 14+ years we both decided to take a break from our corporate jobs to travel. On Dec 1st 2016, we left the comfort of our home to feel inspired, find our passions and rediscover ourselves as we explore the world over the next year.

The Name: Beets of Life; Our Mantra: Find your Rhythm

Beets of Life, an obvious play on “Beats of Life”, signifies the very fabric of our lives. The pulse of our heart and the world around us. It is very easy to get lost in our day to day activities and forget about living life. This blog is a way for us to be mindful of our experiences. “Beets” is a way to work in our nickname and helps put a vegetarian spin to things. We both firmly believe in a vegetarian diet, and are born-again vegetarians and wanna-be vegans. This lifestyle can be particularly challenging, and we are up for it while traveling. We realize that food plays a huge part of any travel. Our blog postings will be peppered with the restaurants we visited and the food we ate. A helpful guide for our fellow vegetarians and vegans. Our mantra, “Find your Rhythm” is to urge others to not always follow their heart or their mind. Wait, what? Sometimes the heart and the mind conspire to make us stay within our comfort zone, not think outside the box, live within our bubble. Do something that you might think is crazy! It will take you places within yourself that you never could have imagined.


Travel is just the means to explore our true selves. We don’t desire to only sightsee and check off the “must see destinations before you die” list, instead we hope to focus on the inner journey through yoga, meditation, volunteering, reading, picking up new skills, challenging ourselves to seek out new experiences and learn something along the way. We want to start something meaningful. Maybe a blog. (Woohoo! Check!) How much we accomplish, and what we get out of this, we don’t know as yet. We are only just starting. What we know for sure is that taking a break from our jobs and traveling was the right decision for us and we are stoked about the possibilities for the future. To learn more about where we have been and where we are headed, visit the “Where are the Beets?” page.

About the blog

Beets of Life is a travel blog created with the purpose of documentation and information for other travelers and soon-to-be travelers. The hope is to also inspire others to travel and get off the beaten path. It also allows us to share this experience with our close family and friends; people who have been such a huge part of our lives, and in many ways helped us achieve our goal of traveling. In this blog, you will find articles detailing our travel experiences with tips and recommendations. Warning! Random musings might also be included. You will also find a gallery of some of the photographs from places we have visited. We read somewhere, “if a photograph is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million.” Our trusted Go Pro Hero 5, has helped us capture videos of the places we visit. Get ready for a montage of highlights and ramblings.

Stay tuned …

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